Island Temporary Nursing is a locally owned and operated Healthcare Staffing Agency. Our agency is composed of people dedicated to caring for others. Our services include, employment opportunities, skills training, recruitment, patient care, and personal assistance for special needs, behavioral health and specialty nursing in long-term care and hospitals across Hawaii.

Island Temporary Nursing is taking a proactive approach to the Healthcare Staffing Industry in Hawaii. For years, our staff has been fortunate to explore various trends and scopes in healthcare staffing. From hospitals and long-term care facilities, to travel assignments and homecare settings. The one thing we have found to be vital is the ongoing need for temporary healthcare staffing.

One of our goals is to bring to our clients the sense of relief when they are short staff. We understand the impact and the importance of meeting the staff-to-patient ratios according to our client’s census.

We try to anticipate our client’s needs and be prepared to fulfill their healthcare staffing short staffs. Island Temporary Nursing is always recruiting new healthcare staff to fulfill our Hawaii’s Healthcare Staffing needs. It allows our agency to meet the staffing demands. Our process has been proven to be an effective resolution. It enables us to move beyond the call.

Once hired our healthcare staff are taught four basic principals that motivate and truly bring together the concept of Temporary Healthcare Staffing

  • We employ strong individuals who are assertive and have great attitudes and ambitions
  • We provide on-going Training
  • We put our best interest in meeting the qualifications of our employee’s skills and talents to meet our client’s demands
  • Moreover, our proactive approach to temporary healthcare staffing. We have designed our company based on taking care of our employees, so they may take care of our clients

We at Island Temporary Nursing strive to exceed client’s expectations by operating in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. This allows us to maintain the high levels of professionalism and integrity that people come to expect from a staffing agency. We evaluate ourselves from our clients and candidates perspective, which helps us assure the highest levels of customer service.